Do you want to organize a calligraphy animation? Noémie Keren performs in front of the public, on historical themes during festivals for example, but also for companies, in costume or simply dressed in contemporary fashion according to requests!

English Regency Calligraphy Animation

On April 2, 2022, Noémie Keren intervened Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux to participate in the promotion of season 2 of the series The Chronicles of the Bridgertons from Netflix. She tells you all about this calligraphy animation in this article!

Modern Calligraphy

Calligraphie moderne Personnalisation de produits
Calligraphy for Domaines Fontana, 2021

Noémie Keren also provides calligraphy services for companies. Customizing products is a great way to show the attention you pay to your customers! Wine estates, perfumers, jewellers, the calligrapher works in different sectors & imagines a calligraphy in the colors of your product.

Animation Medieval Calligraphy

Festival Best Of Médiéval Sud-Gironde, Landiras

Fascinated by history, Noémie Keren likes to contribute to historical re-enactments. This is the reason that pushed her to create a costume to share the story of a woman of letters with an astonishing career, Christine de Pizan. Medieval events allow him to share medieval writing techniques, from the design of ink and tools, to the manufacture of media & books; but above all the formal evolution of our Latin alphabet. A fascinating story that never ceases to captivate young and old!

If you would like Noémie Keren to produce an animation during your event, do not hesitate to contact her directly by email and tell her about your project at .

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