Noémie Keren carries out all types of personalized calligraphy orders for individuals as well as for companies & institutions.

Envelope addresses

Whether it’s your wedding or a professional event, calligraphy expresses itself wonderfully on envelopes! There’s nothing like receiving a paper mail & what’s more is hand-calligraphed. Specialized in English calligraphy, Noémie Keren can also offer you addresses in other styles of writing, do not hesitate to tell her more about your event so that she can offer you the manuscript universe that you need. should.

Wedding Stationery

Noémie Keren accompanies the newlyweds in designing their wedding stationery, from announcements to hand-calligraphed envelopes; from menu to bookmark. Coming from Saint-Emilion, the United States or Guyana, each couple knew how to make her travel internally in order to create a stationery in the image of this celebration of love that is marriage. To discover the wedding stationery page, follow the link !

Wedding bespoke stationery calligraphy Noémie Keren

Family Trees

Among the most frequently requested custom calligraphy commissions are family trees. Classic, very detailed, completely original, these trees are a real delight for Noémie Keren. The calligrapher is very attached to history and to the links that unite human beings. These commissions are always carried by absolutely magical encounters, and fully resonate with the values she defends: showing our love to the people we love, creating things that we can simply pass on!

Custom calligraphy : family tree Noemie Keren

Logos, communication elements, window decoration

Noémie Keren is also called upon by companies to create their logo or to animate shop windows during events such as the end of the year celebrations.

Poems and quotes

When you want to enhance a text, nothing like calligraphy. Calligraphy produces the text of your choice in pen calligraphy, on Arches or Moulin de la Rouzique paper, in order to guarantee the best conservation over time of your words. These pieces are made with a pen, in the style & colors of your choice. It is possible to work on very original papers with vegetable inclusions, do not hesitate to come and meet her in her workshop so that she can show you the full range she has.

Calligraphy Animation

If you are looking for a calligraphy animation, whether it’s an event in store or for your wedding, do not hesitate to consult this Calligraphy Live page!

If you want to learn about the art of beautiful letters, go to this page to see the schedule of courses & workshops offered by Noémie Keren.

Courses & workshops calligraphy Noemie Keren

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